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My Learn, Earn and Fun experience at Eduprime

Fun with simple machine designing Today I was given a task for designing a simple machine with our level 2 kit i.e. Metrix. I started with various plans but i had a vision to make it as simple as possible. I first made a design

My 1st Robotics teaching session

Morning, when I reached Ahmadabad after completing my training from Pune, I was continuously thinking how to present myself in the class. My tiring journey has ended up with an ecstasy, for the 1st session of robotics. I had rehearsed the 80 minutes session more


Eduprime Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Supports RO ‘14

Robotics Olympiad ’14 is being supported by Eduprime Technologies Pvt. Ltd., the inventors of PRIME curriculum for schools. PRIME is an educational model which integrates Physics, Robotics, Information Technology, Mathematics and Engineering. The PRIME curriculum functions as a 7 level course that can be covered

Robotic Maid – a not-so-distant dream

I am sure you all must have seen the robotic maid in Jetsons and in Richie Rich. Though we thought all this was just possible in cartoons and we can have only robotic maids. But it’s no more a distant dream. Robotic maids aren’t just

Science & Technology

In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual. – Galileo Galilei Science is a form of knowledge that seeks to describe and explain the natural and physical world and its place in the universe.