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Robot Fish

Is it a bird? is it a plane? no..its Robot fish! Revolutionizing marine pollutant monitoring. – Nirav Mistry (and i am surprised what kind of robots are made)

Experience at EDUPRIME

It has been 3 days Since i have joined EDUPRIME and the experience has been unique. The Environment is Extremely Friendly And Helping. The Vision of the Company about Developing India As a Major Hub of Robotics Is Extraordinary. And i am Happy to be a Part

Naughty Innovators

I am Ajinkya, this time I would like to share story about one of our PRIME school “VIBGYOR”. In the starting days of my work in office my all colleagues used to share their experiences while teaching in different schools. Some of them were nice

Robotics Olympiad 2014 – pune rounds

My name is Ajinkya, I would like to share my experience of being a part of organising corporate event nationwide.For me the event “Robotics Olympiad” organised by my company Eduprime was completely a new experience. I was new in corporate world after my college life.

Journey from teens to toddlers

A teaching experience of a young boy in twenties with small kids Good Morning Sir—(past) Gooooooooooooooodd Mooooooooorrnnniiiiiiiiiing Sirrrrrrrrrr!!!!! (present) The vocals for greeting the teacher were changed drastically when I entered the classroom. The bunch of small creatures with different looks and expressions stood in

Students are my Teachers too

The amazing experience which I had in Queen Mary school is known through my previous article. I encountered some truly intelligent, extraordinary and brilliant students I had ever met. Their consistent enthusiasm and eagerness to gain knowledge was extremely out of the box. There were

My 1st workshop experience – Ajinkya

My name is Ajinkya, I would like to share my first experience of workshop conduted for my company EduPRIME. It was only my third day & I was going to assist workshop in Brilliant Public School, Chhattisgarh. Me& my team mates had train scheduled from

Dreams & Clicks

The obsession with clicking pretty little things and everything that is around me lead me to the idea of Dreams & Clicks. After a couple of years of contemplation (and procrastination), I finally decided to give it a shot. And what could be a better

My first guidance & Mentoring

A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils. I completed my graduation from a private and famed university (Lovely Professional University) of my home state, Punjab. I didn’t get placed on campus when MNC’s were thronged