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Dreams & Clicks

The obsession with clicking pretty little things and everything that is around me lead me to the idea of Dreams & Clicks. After a couple of years of contemplation (and procrastination), I finally decided to give it a shot. And what could be a better medium to reach the entire world than Facebook (Earlier I did put up some clicks on Orkut). This page is my way to keep free from all the chaos in my head. (And life) I’ve always lived life multi-thinking; between more than one thing. More than one passion. More than one dream. And I have loved it that way. That’s why I’m so obsessed with the word dream and just as I love clicking so the word click in the title.

And that’s how Dreams & Clicks. Have around a 1000+ likes on the page. (None of them paid likes) Somehow for every “like” or every good comment I feel like doing a somersault. Well that’s the kid in me, which I’m not letting die.

Hope to get a copyright for it soon and may be if someday I become an entrepreneur ill have something under the name Dreams & Clicks may be a group or a clan of individuals with a passion about photography who can meet up and discuss photography. Go on tours. Rent out equipment. Give training to younger kids about how to see the world transit from 1/10sec to 1/16000 sec.

“Patience and Timing are the two most important qualities for a photographer.” This is what I learn out of photography.

– Sahil Shah (Marketing Dept.)

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