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My 1st workshop experience – Ajinkya

My name is Ajinkya, I would like to share my first experience of workshop conduted for my company EduPRIME. It was only my third day & I was going to assist workshop in Brilliant Public School, Chhattisgarh. Me& my team mates had train scheduled from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus. I went home from my kandivali office as I stay in Vikhroli nearby our boarding station. I did all the preparation & ran to get my train without dinner my mother gave me tiffin to have in train as all caring & loving mothers do.

I reached boarding station 10 minutes before departure time, my colleagues were coming from our production office in Malad as they had three boxes of kits to teach in workshop. I reached platform and called my mates from there to enquire about their status & got shocked to know that they were stuck in traffic & were around 20 minutes far from the station. They still ensured me that they will get our scheduled train. I got my seat and was waiting for them to arrive on time. Now after five minutes I again called them and they said they just covered 5 feet distance in last 5 minutes I again started worrying. Same time my parents were calling to ask whether I reached station on time or not, I got the train or not & ma team mates met me or not & when I said they are yet to come, my dad suggested if they don’t come in time you also get down from train. I said ok and thought to get down on next station i.e. Kalyan. When there were only 2 minutes for train’s departure I Again called one of mate and he said he yet to reach the station as traffic was slow moving. Then my mate suggested if train get started pull the emergency chain and stop the train so that they get in. Now I was in dilemma that should I pull the chain for illegal reason and help my team mates or should wait for some miracle. Now it was time for train to leave the platform and my team mates still not reached the station. Now I was waiting at door for my colleagues to come and if they do not come in time I was ready to pull the chain. My heartbeats started fastening. I was thinking what if they do not come in time, what if they miss the train, what if we could not reach the school in time.

It’s been 5 minutes the train’s departure time been passed but still I was in the door. I was still calling my team mates & my parents calling me, I was cutting my parents call to get the status of my mates.After more such tensed 5 minutes I saw someone running from far, I was not sure he was my team mate or anyone else still I was hoping that he would be my team mate. When the person came closer I got that he was my team mate Shrenik leading from front with his both hands making arrow like structure to cut through crowd (according to him it was aerodynamic structure for him to run fast, I couldn’t laugh at that moment but later I laughed, that how this tense situation can make people think scientific things)& behind Rahul running slower than him. I got down seeing him coming before the train leaves. As soon as he came closer we cheered for each other that they were on platform before the train leaves the platform. We shouted o loudly on platform that all surrounding people started staring us. When we were greeting each other for getting the train, nearby coolie uncle told us that this train never get late but may be it was in your fortune that’s why you could get it. I just thanked God the almighty for making things possible for us and not to ruin my first experience of working out of the town. Then I helped them to get the kits inside the train.

We reached Bilaspur properly where our host school was located. On second day when we reached the school it was huge school surrounded by open space, no disturbance of city life chaos. When we entered the classroom all students stood up to greet us. This moment was so happening for me as the first time I was getting greeted by students, which used to done by us when we were school students. After some time the principle of the school arrived in classroom with the guy holding bouquets of flowers. Then the mam introduced us to the classroom and gave each one of us bouquet. This was second best moment of my first workshop. Then those two days were great I helped the students in my best way to make them understand the circuit & making there circuit work fine.

In the start, when all the students tried to glow their LED’s  blowing of the propellers it was nice time to see all those little kids was trying their best to glow the LED & getting happy to see glowing LED without any power supply. Some of the kids were unable to glow their LED’s even after blowing so hard. Later we used to give them hint about polarity of LED & after switching the polarity if they make their LED glow then they were like see it’s so easy thing, we glowed our LED. This helped them understand the working of Wind-mill. Later while working with the Clap circuit those kids kept on clapping to trigger their clap sensors. In the end of the second day, when all the students showed their working 5 in 1 kits towards the camera. Really this first experience of teaching the school kids and making them feel that they have become the scientist of their school made me so glad. It was so pleasant to be a part of the process where all calm kids achieved the first step to become future scientist.

Even after coming back we were talking about the train’s story and how these Brilliantkids from small town respected their Robotics sir & completed their 5 in 1 kits successfully.

– Ajinkya Kanchar