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Experience of my 1st workshop – Komal

The Scintillating rays of sun fell on me on that morning since I woke up early with all enthusiasm for my first workshop which was going to be held in Queen Mary School at Grant Road. Since it was my first workshop I was ebullient and ready with my favorite pink kurti on me rehearsing in front of my mirror. With extreme optimistic attitude I left for my destination for the day.

I was accompanied by my colleagues , Miten and Akshay for the same workshop. I continued to rehearse in my mind during the entire Train journey. Finally we reached and we walked through an empty lane towards the end of it where the school was located.  As I entered the school the spacious campus of the school made me nervous and added to my anxiety.

“10 minutes remaining for the class to start” said the co-ordinator of the school. At that moment I was excited and ready to give my best. After 5 minutes, a tall and healthy lady with brown hair and creaky voice entered into the class. She welcomed Miten and me in the school and pointing at me asked Miten with eager eyes “New Joiny?”. “Yes” replied Miten and I gave her a broad smile in return. She wished me luck for the day and left for discussions with the school authorities.

And the moment for which I had been waiting for arrived. My first ever batch of students entered the classroom and I gladly welcomed them. Miten was busy in setting up all the kits and tools required for the class.”Good morning everyone”, I wished my class with a smile and fresh voice. I was glad and at the same time praying to God to help me give my best to the kids so that I make use of the two hours allotted to me to the fullest in order to convey all my knowledge to my students for their betterment. It did not take much time for me to start with the workshop.

After 10 minutes, Miten who was present in the class came towards me and softly uttered some words which said, “Be quick and loud”. I blinked my eyes to give him a positive reply. I continued teaching and tried to amend my mistakes but deep inside I knew something was going wrong. The waves of pessimism crossed over my mind. I didn’t lose hope and continued teaching. After a few minutes Miten stood beside me and said to me,” Komal, let me continue”. Miten was told to continue with the session. I walked aside with a smile but it took few seconds for my smile to change into a frown. Till this time I was assured that my efforts were not up to the mark and I had lagged somewhere in my preparation. I assisted Miten with a thought that I should always give my best in any task given to me and more than that I had started enjoying the way the class interacted with Miten and showed interest. So I forgot the incident that happened   to me an hour back and started helping the students. At the end of the session I was satisfied for one thing and that was, I could be of some help to the students in those two hours.

Again with a smile on my face I said goodbye to the students. We wrapped up everything and   went to give our feedback to the tall lady with brown hair. When we met her she had a talk with Akshay and Miten and then she told me to wait since she wanted to have a word with me.”You were very good”, was the first sentence said by her to me. She continued, “But there are certain things I wanted to advice you. When you teach it is very important for you to get that command in your voice. Agreed that your personality contradicts being strict and commanding, but these are certain things which you can inculcate in yourself and which will definitely help you in your future.” She also added further, “Make an appeal through your appearance”.  Her words banged on to my brain continuously and I looked at her with and urge to get more advice because I had to improve in whichever manner possible. The whole day I thought about her advice and rather than getting disheartened decided to take it in a positive way to amend myself. I continued with the remaining sessions in that school.

After that day, today is the day when I look at the feedback forms of my sessions. The positive replies from the students bring a smile on my face and rewind all the words said by that lady to me in my mind. This was the first lesson I learnt after becoming a part of this company and will never be deleted from my memories. It will always be an inspirational and a motivational incident for me.

Komal Bhowad