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Students of Ecole mondiale giving wings to their imagination

It was a wonderful experience, coaching the students of Ecole Mondiale World School for their DT (design technology) project on robotics. The theme given to them for this semester was to make a flappy bird with a robotic skeleton using chassis, motors and which were to be controlled using micro remotes. Students came up with stunning designs and art work mingled with vibrant colors and distinct shapes. In order to create flapping motion, we used Crank & Piston arrangement to convert circular motion to oscillatory motion of wings of Flapper. This project was a perfect blend of their technical skills with the art work and gave them hands on experience with using tools n implements for different purpose. Every student had an outstanding design, but one class-apart design was that of Camouflage Flapper for defense applications. Really appreciate their hard work and innovative ideas. Such activities should be encouraged by each n every educational institutes so that the students can link the concepts what they learn in books to real life applications. This introduces the concept of practicality in education. Unlike what we did in our schools was that a ready to fill practical sheet was handed over to us, all we got to do was follow the steps like a puppet and finish our work. NO PERSONAL INPUT, NO CREATIVITY. But this workshop was something off the hook, where students were actually free to give wings to their imagination. Like literally give wings in real senseĀ ;). I personally had a great time, and look forward for such projects in future because I am of the opinion that such activities will yield us Ace technocrats and scientists in future and I want to make a contribution to that.

– Miten Shah