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Students are my Teachers too

The amazing experience which I had in Queen Mary school is known through my previous article. I encountered some truly intelligent, extraordinary and brilliant students I had ever met. Their consistent enthusiasm and eagerness to gain knowledge was extremely out of the box. There were 13 students in my class. Out of the bunch of these artistic and smart students there were two phenomenal and remarkable students named Kosha Shah and Teesha Shah who proved themselves to be distinctive and peculiar than others.


They were not only diligent in their studies but also filled with incredible spirit to compete with each other. The last session was also good like the earlier ones. I could not complete the rapid fire round in the class with the students due to shortage of time. Kosha and Teesha came to me and said that they were ready to wait for 10 more minutes but they want to play the rapid fire round. I liked their excitement and so I announced in the class for the rapid fire round but I kept it optional for the students since I had already taken their 5 minutes extra. All the students except for Kosha and Teesha said goodbye with happy and contented faces left the classroom while handing over the feedback forms.

Both of them waited with me for 10 minutes and played the rapid fire round against each other with a fierce spirit. Indeed it was fun and I had a sigh of relief when I observed that both of them could actually implement what I taught throughout the workshop. They answered almost all the answers of the round correctly. This made me extremely happy and satisfied. With a smile on their face they said “Didi, we want you to come for level 2” and they left the classroom. I was very glad to hear that.

Later I came to know that both of them were sisters. They played against each other and had the same amount of knowledge. Both complemented each other. This incident taught me to be enthusiastic to learn and participate. It inspired me not only to be sincere and dedicated towards learning but also to compete with a correct spirit. It also taught me that winning is important for everyone but not at the cost of letting someone else down. We should always have an optimistic attitude and accept the failure with wide arms and take a step forward to rectify it. I would like to state that both of them were indeed my teacher for that day.

– Komal Bhowad (Robotics Instructor)