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Robotics Olympiad 2014 – pune rounds

My name is Ajinkya, I would like to share my experience of being a part of organising corporate event nationwide.For me the event “Robotics Olympiad” organised by my company Eduprime was completely a new experience. I was new in corporate world after my college life. For any event you have to work on each and every detail of the event before it starts. My part in the event was to train the kids with our robotics kits. So I had to ensure that we have all our kits well prepared.

We had our event on Saturday in Pune, so we started working in production office in Malad for the kits. As we are in electronics field Lamington Road is like our second home. We needed some technical stuff from lamington road. As things were not ready with them we had to place the order & the vendor told us to collect the things just day before our event.Me & our production team we were working day long in office to make our event big bang.I& one of my colleague planned to take bus from Dadar. In between I had to go to lamington road to collect our ordered things. In evening when I reached the shop, the guy was just pulling the shutter of the store when I stopped him to get our things. If that shop would have got shut then I suppose our event would have end in mess. I thanked god for saving our event. After returning from lamington road, I& my colleagueDhaval had dinner in office itself & after long preparation we left for Bus stand in night. The situation was so critical that at that time no private buses were available & we had no other option than S.T. bus. We got last bus from Borivali bus stand for Pune.

Well, interesting thing starts here, we had big carton of things required for the event. The parcel was so big that we couldn’t took it on carrier of the bus so we had to take it inside the bus. Again because of the dimensions of carton it was not going inside. We rotated it in different direction to load in the bus & after some time the carton successful fitted in front portion of bus. As we got down in Pune around 4 am all our colleagues were enjoying sugary sleep. We took carton to the hotel & slept as soon as we reached hotel rooms.

On the day of event our event head of Pune round,Sahil was done with preparations even before we reach the venue. We did all the required arrangements, greeted all the students gathered for the Robotics Olympiad, their parents & other respected people. As a Trainer it was my first encounter with the students from other city. The session went well all students showed their interest towards technology, robotics. They asked different questions, doubts regarding their bots. It was very good experience. At the time of competitions everyone was enjoying the competitions, showing their sporty attitude they all had fun in the event. So our first corporate event ended with good note.

Our first event taught me many things. The importance of proper planning of things, having perfect schedule of all things to be done. What if things don’t go in proposed manner? You should always have a backup plan ready with you. You should adopt yourself in the situation to perform better. Though our first corporate event had some faults, it still showed us our way through more successful events ahead just like the moon light guide us in the dark.

– Ajinkya Kanchar (RnD & Production team)