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Journey from teens to toddlers

A teaching experience of a young boy in twenties with small kids

Good Morning Sir—(past)
Gooooooooooooooodd Mooooooooorrnnniiiiiiiiiing Sirrrrrrrrrr!!!!! (present)

The vocals for greeting the teacher were changed drastically when I entered the classroom. The bunch of small creatures with different looks and expressions stood in front of me to greet. I equally responded them with great enthusiasm as I wanted to behave in a cordial manner with them. It was indeed a most challenging and difficult task for me to teach these kids who were almost one-third of my age. Readers can well imagine the situation of that person who had never faced such a small kids was assigned this task, though having professional stint of past 3 years with young ones in their early twenties.

As my bosses had a full faith in me and it was mine foremost responsibility to maintain the integrity of my employer, I decided to perform my duty earnestly. I accumulated loads of patience in me when I had joined Technogravity Solution for the post of trainer. My life cycle started with a new phase when I had to teach kids of Queen marry School, one of the renowned schools in Mumbai. This was the first task as summer camps in that school for the next 7 days for me to accomplish. Greetings from them, followed by their introduction aided me to establish a friendly atmosphere with them. They started mingle up with me with the passage of time. Sir.. What is voltage?????? Sir… what is diode..?????  Sir …what is current???? I was really enjoying giving the answers to these silly questions which children had raised. It was analogous to university professor teaching lower grade students in a school. One needs to have better understanding of the psyche of kids in order to carry out work in a smoothly manner. The products I taught were Wand Light, Windmill and Wire Frame Game. Their science skills were honed post learning their skills. It was a cake walk for me accomplish the task as the response from my audience was excellent, which I had never imagined. A person who finds himself difficult to gel with the people especially at work place got good remarks from most of the kids and school coordinators. Feedback from them (kids) was a mirror for me to analyze myself in a better manner.

It is pertinent to mention here that these kids were my ‘Guru’ and I literally mean it. Hell lot of minute things I was able to learn from them which I couldn’t learn from my past experience with young people. Patience, voice modulation, pedagogy, equality, justice and timing were some of qualities which poured into my character after this first teaching at a new place. The kids were really inquisitive and were eager to learn.

– Akshay Sharma (RnD & Training Dept.)

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