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Naughty Innovators

I am Ajinkya, this time I would like to share story about one of our PRIME school “VIBGYOR”. In the starting days of my work in office my all colleagues used to share their experiences while teaching in different schools. Some of them were nice interesting while some were kind of scary. Not exactly scary but about small kids of school & their naughtiness& how it gets tough to handle them.

Among of those stories VIBGYOR High school kids were so famous for not listening their teachers. After few weeks in workplace finally the day came when I was going to witness teaching session in VIBGYOR high international school. Me with my two other colleagues reached the school well in time. All students came to the class & started their lunch. I was preparing for the session, though kids were having their tiffin one by one they used to come forward & show their curiosity& keep on asking sir what are we going to make today. Those small wonders were so enthusiastic that they used to pay more attention to robotics kits than their tiffin. When the session started, in starting all were calm & so attentive. All of them were waiting to get their robotics kits. When they got it they all started to work on it before they get any instructions. As they all were working on the things which they don’t know properly, they were facing some problems. When any small kid face problem they can’t keep calm. They started calling for teacher & shouting for what to do next. They all were watching what their friends are doing & as some good students were able to do it they did well. Now the students who were unable to do things in proper manner got unstable. They started roaming to their friend’s bench ask them how to do further things. In between this process students were out of control. They were not listening to their faculty, which made them naughty kids in the stories.

But yes I observed in the session that those kids were not listening to the faculty not because they were bad students or bad kids. But the real reason behind their mischievous was true curiosity towards the technology or towards their robotic kit. All of them wanted to make their product before their friends & wanted to enjoy its working for maximum time.Once their robotic kits started working, all of them again became small angels who were not disturbing others only busy with their self-maderobotic stuff. That time the glow on their faces was altogether different from any achievement in their regular school life. Really this extra-curricular robotics class teach them many things like making things on their own, helping friends completing things along with them, enhances their innovating power & helps a lot to fulfil their curiosity. The best thing was after the session when their parents tells us that the kids observe different things at home while roaming in different places & clear their parents statements like whenever parents tell kids that bulbs are used inside the traffic lights & hen their kids tells them, No we don’t use bulbs inside the traffic lights but the small LED’s are used.

This is howRobotics sessions help kids develop innovations when they get hands on technical things. It will surely help them in future to make more innovative things in further life.

– Ajinkya Kanchar